Our Approach

At Stinger Lighting and Grip, we want to be personally invested in your project.  We know how hard it is to create visually stunning images without the right tools and talent.  That's why we work hard to make sure that our gaffer communicates well with your director of photography to come up with the light palette that suits each and every scene.

Budget Friendly

At Stinger Lighting and Grip, we really do enjoy working on a variety of projects--it keeps life interesting!  And we know that no two budgets are ever the same.  That's why flexibility is key.  This business is all about negotiation!

Nice To Meet You!

Eric and Sharon have been a team both in business and in life for over 15 years.  We have spent our entire adult lives working in film and television production and love what we do!

Eric at ATL fest 2016

Eric Pickett

Owner / Gaffer

Eric is an accomplished gaffer, best boy, and set electric with 20+ years of production experience.

Eric Pickett Resume 2023



Sharon Courtney


Sharon has worn many hats over the last 20+ years, including production manager, camera operator, DIT, and digital asset specialist.

Sharon Courtney Resume 2023

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